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How the AI Community Can Join the Fight Against COVID-19

Members of the AI community are stepping up to address the COVID-19 crisis. Here is a short list of available datasets for you to use to launch your own effort.

Article Apr 06, 2020


The US Government, hospitals, and other organizations have made a call out to technology companies looking for solutions that can make a life-saving difference in the fight against Covid-19. To assist in this effort, several organizations have made their datasets available to the public.

  • The New York Times has documentation regarding the confirmed Covid-19 cases from around the world. This data is available on GitHub.
  • The University of Montreal and IEEE have released a database of labeled Covid-19 chest X-ray and CT images. These images are also available on GitHub.
  • Kaggle has a variety of open challenges focused on supporting health organizations stay informed and make informed decisions. Checkout the list of projects here.

A small team of POMIET Data Scientists is joining the Allen Institute for AI in the analysis of over 44,000 scientific articles in order to discover new insights into this infections disease. Our goal is focused on diagnostics and testing support, specifically on tracking the evolution of the virus over time.

We at POMIET are glad to see so many organizations in the AI community dedicating resources to address this crisis. We wish you the best during this unprecedented time.

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