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AI Skills Make You Irreplaceable - Here’s How

Picking up a few skills and learning to work with AI will help you become more efficient.

Article May 07, 2021

Seth Tew

Computers are the most trusted digital assistant, and through artificial intelligence (AI), they’re practically a coworker. Robot helpers sound like science fiction, but Siri manages your phone, Alexa helps at home, and a payroll system sends out your paycheck; automation use grows continuously.

Because of that, a complex skill appearing on employer lists is a familiarity with AI functions and knowledge of troubleshooting them. Whether you’re scared of losing your job to a machine or can’t ever see your computer replacing you, AI skills make you a vital employee through technological restructurings at your company, and here’s how.

You’ll Get More Done

Every system is different, but AI possesses particular strengths that can be used to your advantage. Study the automation you might already use in your daily workflow: what it does, how many features it offers, and which tasks you can delegate to it. Then, do some research:

  • Make a list of your most common, mundane tasks (task management, data input).
  • Focus on the most repetitive ones and research software/AI tools that perform those tasks.
  • Delegate and get back to the important work!

Your understanding of AI functions directly connects to your potential to become more efficient and productive. The increase in work output and technical knowledge will make your value to the company increase as well.

You’ll Know What Skills Are Irreplaceable

Anxiety runs through most conversations about the growth of AI in the workplace. Will jobs be overtaken as the systems grow more advanced? It all depends on the job description. As mentioned before, AI is still a computer after all. Automation is programmed to accomplish a particular set of tasks almost perfectly. A lot of these tasks are hard skills like:

  • data entry
  • analytics, and
  • report generation.

Creating a new direction for a project? Only a human can combine complex data with the business savvy to make such a decision.

Learning AI will reveal the limitations of its decision-making, and therefore your unique ability to contribute to the company as a human. Once you know which skills are irreplaceable by AI, concentrate workflow and personal development into those areas. Not only will you become an expert at human-only tasks, but the subtle shift in your job description will make your role only fit for a human; job security, check.

You’ll Be Flexible

It goes without saying: a person with a posture of learning throughout their life continues to develop. Artificial intelligence within general business operations has continued to grow, and advances in technology are unlikely to slow down. No matter how quickly your company may have adopted automation, taking the forward-thinking step to familiarize yourself with AI will make you flexible to any future workflow changes or corporate software updates.

Take the time to google a few articles on what makes your work automation tick. Who knows? Maybe some research could make you a little less tech-adverse. Picking up a few skills and learning to work with AI won’t just make you more valuable - you’ll get more done.

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