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WorkflowOne’s goal is to deliver personalized, engaging communication through the channels your customers prefer. They provide tools to help organizations manage their messaging consistently across different touch points.


WorkflowOne managed the print marketing material for convenience store chains across the United States. The process for ensuring this material was delivered promptly and accurately was supported with spreadsheets and checklists. WorkflowOne desired to build a data-driven support tool to be used by brand managers.


WorkflowOne built a state-of-the-art store profiler system that enabled brand managers to easily and precisely track customer orders. The system also provided a product prediction component that helped brand managers accurately plan for future deliverables.

A POMIET team comprised of data scientists and user experience researchers worked with WorkflowOne brand managers and product delivery team to design and prototype a comprehensive solution. Through a solid partnership with POMIET and daily collaboration, WorkflowOne delivered the first version of the ProfileOne tool in less than 6 months.

POMIET optimized one of our key services by 70%. They quickly understood our business and partnered with us to deliver an automated solution that was really easy to use and reduced our processing time from 10 days to 3 days.

Brian Montgomery Senior Director, WorkflowOne

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