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As work domains increase in complexity, workers’ productive capacity must expand beyond their individual capacity, which means they will have to rely more and more on a cooperative relationship with a computer system that has different and complementary skills. The outcome of this relationship, or partnership, will be greater than the simple sum of the human or computer individually — i.e., it will be a human–computer synergy.


User experience challenges are often a significant constraint. Your team is not as efficient as it could be, and your IT systems are preventing the growth you believe you could achieve. Maybe you have an aging custom built system that is critical to your organizations vitality, but it is holding you back. You may have a product that you believe could be easier to use.

Unusable data curbs your innovation. You have unstructured data comprised of images or text that you would like to gain some insight into. Maybe it is chatbot logs that you would like to use to improve user experiences with your automated tools. Or, you may have a large collection of documents stored as images or PDFs and need access to the information locked in those documents.

Whatever your current challenge, you know complex domains requires a new way of thinking about the solution.


Complex domains require a new way of thinking about both the problem and the solution. Sometimes traditional, transaction-based solutions are not enough. POMIET can help you consider the machine as a partner rather than just a system, and use a synergistic approach to the design of a human–machine teaming solution.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

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